Why is the UAE an ideal destination for AI-led innovative businesses?

Why is the UAE an ideal destination for AI-led innovative businesses?

The first country to appoint a minister of artificial intelligence (AI). One of the first nations to have an academic institution entirely dedicated to this new technology and an elaborate national strategy for the same. Yes, we are talking about the UAE. There are many firsts to the credit of this comparatively younger nation – and most of them point toward an inspiring future for technology-led businesses.

Having laid the right foundations to encourage tech-based businesses and companies in AI, the UAE government has not put its efforts to rest. As technology progresses, the leaders and authorities in this progressive nation keep revisiting the plans and strategies to improvise and keep them relevant.

For instance, earlier this month, the emirate of Dubai set up a task force to track the digital economy and oversee technological developments. The step has been taken to ensure the city is well on its path to becoming the “best city in the virtual space” on the back of innovative services and its advanced regulatory and legislative framework.

All these reasons make the UAE an ideal destination for already established AI-led innovative businesses and the right starting place for a new venture, in this field. Contributing to the UAE’s march towards becoming a fertile ground for AI and related businesses, we at the Seed Group, a company of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, act as a springboard for businesses and start-ups in AI and share their aspiration to expand their footprint in the nation and beyond.

In the UAE, businesses can not only enjoy the benefits of a stable economy but can also appreciate being in a favourable time zone, getting world-class infrastructure and policy-related support from the government, exploring and benefiting from a burgeoning business ecosystem, lucrative subsidies, and easy access to new markets.

In the field of technology apart from AI, the Seed Group works with a diverse portfolio of companies dealing in sub-sectors like machine learning, blockchain, telecommunications, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, FinTech, contactless payments, and tourism. Apart from supporting the AI strategies, the Group also seeks to help the country move toward a 100 per cent digital future and make the UAE the best country in the world as per the UAE Centennial 2071.

Furthering the same vision is the 35th edition of the World AI Show & Awards, being held under the aegis of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum on the 25th–26th May 2022, at the Jumeirah Emirates Tower, Dubai. Deemed as the world’s longest-running AI Show series, the event will feature expert keynotes and engaging panel discussions designed specifically to help meaningful interactions in the ever-evolving AI and the RPA ecosystem.

For anyone planning on understanding AI from a business and future point of view, more information about the show can be found here.

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