Our Investment Program

We are continually exploring the market for promising ventures in various sectors, with the shortlist subject to the process of project identification and evaluation.

Once completed and the investment project has been approved, our team provides strategic solutions at this stage to ensure successful market entry and sustainable revenue streams. By leveraging our broad network of contacts in the region, we continue to add value to projects that do not fall within our preferred industry sectors or that do not meet our investment criteria, helping companies to acquire strategic and investment partners, thereby acting as a catalyst, providing a link between the right people, ideas, knowledge, and resources to build strength.

Where we invest

We are on the lookout for start-ups representing diverse industries. We prefer to partner early, work with you in developing your product, gain market share, and subsequently invest at the right stage when we see high-growth potential in your start-up. Prior to taking investment-related decisions, we spend time cultivating good relationships with the founders, gauging their product demand, and determining the future feasibility of the idea. Amidst all this, we give full freedom to founders to scale up their business under our mentorship.

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What we invest in

We invest in the right idea, the right product, the right strategy, and the right people no matter which industry you come from and which part of the world you belong to. Seed Group believes that potential ideas for successful businesses could come from anywhere. Our selection committee is looking specifically for next-generation entrepreneurs who are open-minded and have a global perspective.

How we invest

Seed Group invests in two ways.

FIRST: We invest at an earlier stage if we come across a really mind-boggling idea that is already successfully catering to a huge chunk of masses and showcasing high-growth potential.

SECOND: We evaluate and test the product, and in the long run, we check its market acceptability and viability. If the idea has legs to sustain, gain traction, and draw the attention of global decision-makers, we will invest at later stages of our partnership. Seed Group purely assists its partners to apply global experience to local markets and raise home-grown champions.

Our Investment Process

Step 1
Introductory Meeting

Step 2
Filling in Application

Step 3
Reviewing of

Step 4
Submission to

Step 5
Committee Response

Step 6
MOU Signing

Step 7
Drafting of Agreement

Step 8
Signing Ceremony

Tech-driven Startups

The Seed Group supports the future generation of promising startups to address global issues, minimise the digital gap, develop innovative solutions, and solve future challenges. Countries like the US and China have seen a mammoth growth in tech-driven ideas in the last one decade. As these markets gain further momentum, we believe the next decade will belong to startups coming out of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. And that reflects in our focus markets when it comes to selecting our new partners.

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