Our Acceleration Program

A start-up accelerator program extending support beyond monetary to guidance, advice, and networking direction. Under this program, companies with a presence and customer base that are struggling to pass the profitability are supported with the right opportunities, leadership, and resources worth AED 250K.

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About Seed Acceleration Program with Hisham Al Gurg

Watch the full interview Seed Group's CEO answer key questions about the program & how and why it will benefit start-up businesses.


Why Join

Many start-ups don’t do well within the first three years of their inception. More than 90 percent of start-ups therefore fail due to many reasons, and it’s not usually due to lack of cash. Researches show that the reason for this early failure is lack of experience and absence of a good team. So apart from developing the business plan for the prelaunch, companies need leadership, government relations, and networking-related support. This is what the Seed Acceleration Program is designed to offer.

What distinguishes this program from others

The fact that this program is developed with an overall growth of a company in mind, makes it different. This program is designed to ensure that the associated company has all the elements of success, eliminating all the risks that it could face out there in the real world that could harm it or cause it to shut down due to mistakes that can be otherwise mended with the right support.

The companies we are looking for

We look for already established start-ups that have a ground and some amount of customer base but are struggling to make it big despite a great and innovative product.

The selection process

A company willing to participate is first asked to fill out an application form. The applications are then filtered to see if this entrepreneur or start-up meets the criteria. The selected candidates are then asked to come in for a panel interview. Some companies might be asked to send a video about the company, the founders, and the team to help us make a selection. After that it is time to discuss the commercial terms of how to start, how to cooperate, and what's in it for both the parties. At this point, a final decision is made.

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