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Our Mission is to grow innovative companies so they can emerge, scale up, and make the world a better place. We are a team of life-long learners who ask demanding questions and never shy away from taking on the most daunting tasks.

Just like our home, the UAE, which people of over 200 nationalities proudly call their second home, our team mirrors the same diversity and overwhelming spirit of belongingness. From strategic deal-makers to creative-geniuses and astute sales staff to visionary executives, our team boasts of a diverse mix of citizens and residents, many of whom have built their own ventures before joining the Seed Group.

Our Diverse Senior Management & Advisory Team

Seed Group's senior management and advisory teams are diversified, operating in industries, including technology, healthcare, tourism and hospitality, and real estate.

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Seed Group Gala Dinner 2022

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Seed Group Gala Dinner 2019

Seed Group Annual Awards Ceremony 2018

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Seed Group Dubai Headquarters virtual tour at The Private Office

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