Question 1: What is Seed Group?

Founded in 2004, Seed Group is a company of The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum. It partners with and invests in the global tech-driven enterprises in order to help them expand their businesses to Dubai and the wider region. It acts as a springboard for companies looking forward to expanding their footprint in Europe, Asia, and Middle East and North Africa region while enjoying the benefits of Dubai’s stable economy, supportive government policies, burgeoning business ecosystem, high subsidies, and easy access to different markets.


Question 2: How can I apply to partner with Seed Group?

If your company works in the digital and technology space and is based on an innovative, flexible, and effective idea that can help shape a conducive future, we are interested in you. We will then check all possible commercial, legal, and financial angles and then decide on the type of collaboration and business model of the strategic partnership with you. The size of your company doesn’t matter – what matters is your idea.


Question 3: What support can I expect once my application is selected?

On selection, Seed Group will associate with your company as a strategic partner. Once we join hands with the selected partners, we make use of the best business practices to make sure that you are fully loaded with essentials in communications, ethical expectations, and the regional business vocabulary to start networking and looking for potential clients. We will guide you through the process and help you set meeting with people who matter. In a nutshell, we give you the initial propulsion so you get off on a good start with your business in the UAE and the wider region.

Question 4: Apart from the UAE, which countries or region would I be able to expand into if I decide on bringing my business to Dubai?

As a connecting geographic point between the East and the West of the world, Dubai is ideal for any business looking to expand into Europe, Asia, and Middle East and North Africa.

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