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Working with the Royal Family office fosters confidence & strategic connections at the highest level. It automatically gives our partners access to the usually unreachable and top-notch decision makers.

Partners get access to the unrivalled contacts, first-hand information and coveted mentoring from the brightest minds with a proven track-record who have been instrumental in putting Dubai on the global map.

Impeccable business connections

With impeccable business connections in both governments and corporate world, we nurture strategic collaborations at the highest level, helping your business excel and making your transformation journey seamless. We, backed by the expertise of our management team, invest and partner with tech-focussed companies across a diverse portfolio of industries.

The criteria for selection

We are very selective in our approach and only partner with a few high-potential companies. We are looking for a sustainable product that can be moulded according to local needs, meets customer demands, and potentially fills the existing vacuum on the market. When we are on board, we pull up our socks and work with our partners on product debut, localisation, culture orientation, marketing, introductions, and more.


Get in the royalty hands & right frame of mind

If the lack of confidence, contacts, or market knowledge is stopping you from entering new markets, let us pave the way. We facilitate companies by partnering, investing, and preparing them for the highly lucrative market of the Middle East and North Africa region. Whether you are considering bringing your business to Dubai or exploring the new arcades, with a pre-planned process and result-oriented short term goals, we will help you call Dubai your new home for business.


FAQs: Business Development Strategy with Seed Group

We have the answers to frequently asked questions from companies looking to partner with us at the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum.

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