Why Dubai

8 Reasons Why Dubai is an Economic Miracle

Dubai is a thriving business hub that rose from a small port town to the towering heights of becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world in less than five decades. Here are a few compelling reasons that make Dubai an ideal destination for you to either expand your existing business or start an entirely new venture, especially if your idea is innovative and product is global, catering to wider audiences in technology and digital sectors.

Reason 1: Location

Dubai’s ideal geographic location bridges the East and the West of the world, giving a smooth access to Europe, Asia, and the MENA region.

Reason 2: The commercial capital of the UAE

Dubai is the commercial capital of the UAE, the first country in the world to have a minister of Artificial Intelligence. This reverberates its commitment to everything inspired by the marvels of technology and digital for the betterment of masses.

Reason 3: Business cultivating

The enabling business environment along with the supportive government acts as a catalyst for any enterprise to grow and thrive.

Reason 4: Tax-free

A tax-free and secure financial and economic set-up allows businesses from around the world to feel confident in operating and expanding their trade from Dubai.

Reason 5: Diversity

The city is home to people from over 200 nationalities, making it a truly global hub, hence increasing the success rate of start-ups and small businesses.

Reason 6: Technology & digitalisation focused

Technology and digitalisation are two key areas of focus for the Dubai government, which has set dedicated future agendas and is working on strategies for a more tech-inclusive society.

Reason 7: The ideal time zone

An ideal time zone between Asia and Europe means more productive business hours.

Reason 8: Opening doors

Dubai opens doors to nearly 20 countries in the MENA region, which is home to hundreds of high-net worth individuals, tech-savvy businesses and residents, and forward-looking governments.

Why Dubai during & post COVID-19

Reason 1
Dubai's Digital Shift

As the world’s focus shifts to online and digital platforms, there isn’t a better place to be with your business than Dubai.

Reason 2
10 Year Golden Visa Scheme

The recent launch of work-from-home visa for global professionals, relaxation in residency rules, expansion of 10-year golden visa scheme to include a larger group of professionals, and introduction of reforms to the Commercial Companies' law that allows 100 per cent foreign ownership are welcoming and futuristic moves by the government that open scope for more growth than ever for foreign businesses.

Reason 3
Dubai is Future-Ready for further disruptions

The way Dubai seamlessly pivoted from offline to online mode of work during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic is exemplary and a sign that the city is future-ready and able to face disruptions better than many other cities in the world.

Reason 4
Responsive Infrastructure

It adapted and scaled up its infrastructure very quickly to address the disruptions caused by the outbreak. This was at a time when cities around the world saw businesses shutting down and facing difficulties in providing services to their communities.

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Why Dubai: CEOs of Foreign Companies Explain

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