Partnerships We Look For

We work with all kinds of companies, big or small, that have potential, right products, problem-solving attitude, good customer base, and a strong zeal to use technology and digital solutions to disrupt the future business landscape and create a better quality of life for everyone.

Process 1: Selection & Evaluation

With a competitive selection process in place, applications of potential partners are evaluated based on a diverse range of attributes, such as product uniqueness, market readiness, product flexibility, the degree of digital and non-digital presence and impact, performance in the earlier funding rounds, and the track record of customer dealing.

Process 2: Committee Response Meeting

After a thorough evaluation of the potential partners from all possible commercial, legal, and financial perspectives, Seed Group’s top management then decides on the type of collaboration and business model of the strategic partnership that benefits both the parties and also aligns with the greater good of the society.

The 8 Partnership Approval Steps

Step 1
Introduction meeting

Step 2
Fill in Application

Step 3
Review Application

Step 4
Submit to Committee

Step 5
Committee Response

Step 6
Sign MOU

Step 7
Draft of Agreement

Step 8
Signing Ceremony

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