What We Do

We connect you straight to the decision makers.

We lead you straight to the top brass of the final decision-making machinery in the government.

As a strategic partner, we open doors to new markets, facilitate in generating hard-to-acquire leads, and offer long-term collaborations, local and regional expert guidance, in-depth market research, coaching, cultural orientation, and successful preparation of meetings with key decision makers.

We mentor businesses

We mentor businesses and start-ups and provide them with corporate, business development, partnership, government relations, public relations, and establishment counsel.

We provide protocol knowledge

Dubai is different when it comes to business etiquettes. Here much depends on personal rapport and mutual trust. But as our partner, you are in luck. As a strategic partner, the Seed Group dons the hat of a coach educating you about local business culture, preparing you for the client meetings, training you to give the best shot before a potential investor, preventing you from committing a cultural faux-pas during professional get-togethers, and most importantly sharing the success mantra to convert the initial leads into tangible orders.

We provide bespoke infrastructure

As we are here in the market for almost two decades, you can bank up on us to have a super start. Right from helping you open a local office, mentoring you to customise your product, introducing you to the key stakeholders, identifying high-potential leads, and offering legal counseling and financial mediation, the Seed Group is with you every step of the way.

We understand the business landscape and the status quo

Every business landscape is different and is influenced by the region’s political, sociological and theological sensitivities. Seed Group has a 20-year record of successful partnerships whilst adhering to the region's status quo.

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