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The Big Challenge. One of the biggest challenges facing companies in the Middle East is how to reach decision-makers & target markets effectively & easily.

As a result, the expertise and business acumen of a local partner acting as a mentor have become increasingly critical. By navigating you through deals and offering training to gain a competitive edge, you will have the lead in your respective markets. Even more so, working with the Royal Family Office fosters strategic relationships at the highest level, giving our partners access to otherwise unattainable right decision-makers.

The Benefits

Having a local partner like The Seed Group means you will promptly identify high-potential leads. It will draw mainstream attention, and add to your chances of gaining immediate traction and improving the overall prospects of deal conversion. You will access key stakeholders in the public and private sector and experience an accelerated business development through strategic alliances. A local partner will confidently float you through legal hurdles and unnecessary delays. Owing to its vast local experience and trustworthy reputation in the native community, a local partner will make your business journey a seamless affair.

Key indicators of a powerful local partner

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indicator 2
Access to
top tier contacts

indicator 3
Contributed to Dubai's
Economic success

indicator 4
Well Informed

indicator 5
They have a clear

indicator 6
Brand Goodwill

How to identify a powerful local partner

Identifying your local partner is one of the most critical components of your business journey. Use the link below as a starting point in your evaluation process to find out if your strategic partner is capable of helping your company navigate the right direction or not.

Find out here

Seed Group as a Local Partner

Access key public and private sector stakeholders and experience accelerated business development through strategic alliances. Seed Group will make your business journey a seamless affair due to its vast local experience and its trustworthy reputation in the native community.


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