Redefining retail shopping experience: beaconsmind® enables targeting app users in real-time

Redefining retail shopping experience: beaconsmind® enables targeting app users in real-time

The shopping scene is swiftly and radically evolving nowadays. Consumers are becoming significantly more aware and brand options are growing fast. Excessive information, expertise, and resources are being offered on the back of technological advancements, and this is creating additional challenges for brands around the world.

With the boom in e-commerce, online marketplaces are now facing pressure to become increasingly digital and transcend geographic boundaries to reach out to their customers. In such times, having partners that can transform the shopping experience for the customers is a rare find but an absolutely essential one.  

If you look at stats, about 86 percent of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience, while 73 percent of buyers point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. It has also been found that 65 percent of buyers find a positive experience with a brand to be a more influential factor in purchasing decisions than great advertising.

With a blend of technology, additional revenue streams, and updated channels, retailers today are focusing on giving online consumers the option to experience retail just like they would in a physical store. This is all a part of the overarching aim of the retailers to understand and improve the customers’ retail journey.

The post-COVID world is expected to be governed by a mix of virtual and physical strengths of retailers. Technologies that bridge the gap between online and offline are therefore high in demand but scarce.

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beaconsmind® is one such rare find. With teams working from offices in Stäfa (Switzerland), Munich (Germany), and Dubai (UAE), in partnership with Seed Group, it helps brands run successful location-based marketing campaigns and enables retailers to fundamentally transform the shopping experience for customers in physical stores. The beaconsmind® software Suite, coupled with Bluetooth iBeacons installed at point-of-sale mean brands, can now use a localised technology to converge digital and physical shopping and create a seamless customer journey.

The overall aim is to make businesses more aligned with technology while keeping the essence of their physical presence alive and relevant. Given that the future of retail is expected to be hybrid, beaconsmind® weaves technology assistance in such a way that it combines the strengths of the physical and digital worlds to improve the retail experience for customers.

The unique concept of an outstanding product, technological edge, and customer-oriented approach earned beaconsmind® various accolades across Europe, along with Microsoft BizSpark Plus Program sponsorship from Microsoft. The venture is listed on Euronext Access Paris and Vienna stock exchanges and has a client portfolio that includes companies from the retail, wholesale, foodservice, and finance industries from all over the world.

beaconsmind® services range from data-driven marketing, personalised push notifications, shopping insights, in-store analytics, omnichannel eCommerce, customer intelligence, and real-time heatmaps. The solutions, therefore, open up a powerful marketing and revenue channel for retailers, improving the shopping experience, bringing in higher customer loyalty, increasing revenues, and strengthening the connection between the point of sale and e-commerce activities.

Have you considered running successful location-based marketing campaigns? Consider how this can significantly improve the shopping experience, increase customer loyalty, increase revenue, and connect POS and eCommerce activities.

If you’re interested in seeing beaconsmind® in action — click here to submit request.

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