Seed Group partners with Groyyo to transform B2B fashion and lifestyle manufacturing in the Middle East

Seed Group Partners with Groyyo to Transform B2B Fashion and Lifestyle Manufacturing in the Middle East

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates—31 January 2022—Seed Group, a company of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, has joined hands with Mumbai-based business-to-business (B2B) production and automation startup Groyyo. The partnership seeks to transform B2B manufacturing & sourcing processes with cutting-edge and innovative technologies. 

Groyyo was started in 2021 by Subin Mitra, Pratik Tiwari, and Rhythm Upadhyay, with the aim to empower and upgrade manufacturing and automation services with technologies like artificial intelligence, innovation, standardization, and industry guidance.

The aim of the association is to provide Groyyo with the right guidance to reach out to and earn a work with a wider range of clients, access top decision-makers in the government as well as the private sectors, and contribute to adding the latest technological innovations in the region. 

Hisham Al Gurg, CEO of Seed Group and the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, said, “Automation and manufacturing form an important segment of economies in the Middle East. With its innovation-centric approach, Groyyo is poised to bring about revolutionary changes in the manufacturing industry, thereby giving a chance to hundreds of businesses in the region to improve their bottom lines and succeed in a highly competitive world. We look forward to working with Groyyo.”

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About Groyyo: Interview with the CEO Subin Mitra

Subin Mitra, co-founder and CEO of Groyyo, said, “The Middle East being one of the fastest-growing retail markets globally is of key strategic focus to Groyyo’s growth plans. This partnership with Seed Group will not only help us expand in the region but also dominate this market in the months to come.”

Groyyo is Asia’s leading B2B manufacturing growth platform with a vision to empower the 20 million plus micro-manufacturers across the continent and give them an opportunity to take their business global. The start-up now seeks to expand its footprint to the UAE and the Middle East region, looking at the fast rate of technology adoption here. 

Currently, Groyyo is working to transform the manufacturing sector as the world’s first manufacturer-first automation platform, bringing millions of manufacturing MSMEs together on a single platform and helping them grow their businesses.

Seed Group is a notable force in the technology, healthcare, hospitality, and telecommunications landscapes in the Middle East. Over the past 20 years, it has formed successful strategic alliances with leading global companies representing diverse regions to accelerate sustainable market entry and presence within the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

About Groyyo

B2B supply chain enablement company Groyyo has so far raised $45 million in capital from marquee investors including Alpha Wave Incubation (backed by Abu Dhabi’s ADQ) and Tiger Global. The company is currently working with 500+ manufacturers and 100+ fashion brands, with operations in more than 10 countries and a team of more than 150 across the region. Touching $200 million in annualized volume as of Q3, the company has grown 200% every quarter while achieving EBITDA positivity. The Middle East accounts for 20%+ of the company’s revenue and is hence a key strategic focus. For more information, visit

About Seed Group

For over 20 years, Seed Group has formed strategic alliances with leading global companies representing diverse regions and industries. These companies have propelled their business interests and goals in the Middle East and North Africa region through the support and strong base of regional connections of the Seed Group. The Group’s goal is to create mutually beneficial partnerships with multinational organisations and to accelerate their sustainable market entry and presence within the MENA region. Seed Group has been a key point in the success of all its partners in the region, helping them reach their target customers and accelerate their businesses. The Private Office was established by Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum to directly invest in or assist potential business opportunities in the region, which meet The Private Office’s criteria. For more information, visit

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