Seed Group collaborates with FX liquidity firm DKK Partners to facilitate financial interoperability in the UAE and Middle East

Seed Group forges alliance with DKK Partners to pave the way for digital breakthroughs in the MENA region

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates; London, UK—16 April 2024—Seed Group, a company of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, has taken an immense leap by collaborating with DKK Partners, an FX (foreign exchange or “forex”) liquidity provider. This strategic union is a major stride towards attaining seamless financial interoperability in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the larger Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

As an umbrella organisation of the royal family of Dubai, Seed Group has been influential in cultivating effective market entry for global businesses. Its solid commitment to excellence, team of seasoned experts in its arsenal, and regional connections prove its capability to deliver transformative change.

Meanwhile, the London-based DKK Partners is a leading provider of open, efficient, and user-friendly access to emerging FX markets. It expertly assists organisations in developing markets that are struggling in fragmented financial ecosystems by delivering high-quality FX and settlement solutions. With such services, companies worldwide can capitalise on financial opportunities readily provided for them.

It’s also worth mentioning that its Dubai arm, DKK Digital FZE, has been granted initial approval to offer digital asset broker dealer services by Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). The initial approval permits the fintech (financial technology) firm to move forward with obtaining a full licence to provide blockchain technology services to corporate and institutional customers in Dubai and the UAE via stablecoins like Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC).

At present, DKK Partners is applying for a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) licence from VARA.

Hisham Al Gurg, the CEO of Seed Group, shared his delight in the newly formed collaboration. He remarked, “We are pleased to work alongside DKK Partners in delivering forex risk management, liquidity solutions, and expedited collections to the rapidly growing markets across Dubai and the MENA region. This joint alliance will allow DKK Partners to deliver seamless interoperability customised to the growing demands of local businesses and government institutions. We are optimistic about how this partnership will unfold in the coming months.”

Khalid Talukder, Co-Founder and CEO of DKK Partners, also expressed his joy regarding the recently established partnership with Seed Group. He said, “It is an extremely exciting time for us at DKK Partners as the new partnership grants us access to the offices of key decision-makers in Dubai and the UAE’s largest and most prestigious businesses. We were looking for a key strategic partner based in Dubai that has wide-reaching access in the UAE and GCC, and Seed Group was absolutely the ideal match. This partnership will enable us to showcase our business model and the immediate advantages we offer, perfectly aligning with our three-year growth and expansion strategy.”

DKK Partners’ resolve to enable transparent and efficient transactions and processes for global financial institutions is consistent with Seed Group’s focus on promoting digital solutions and financial inclusivity. This partnership is expected to yield tangible benefits for fintech firms and government entities alike.

About DKK Partners

DKK Partners offers the only platform for quick, secure access to currencies in both emerging and established markets. Founded in 2020 by Khalid Talukder and Dominic Duru, DKK Partners is an emerging markets (EM) FX liquidity provider leveraging blockchain technology to deliver liquidity faster to (EM) processing over $1.9BN of flow and an impressive EBITDA of $1.3M. At DKK, with our years of experience within emerging markets within foreign exchange, we develop strategies and methodologies that help corporates and FI institutions alike more effectively manage currency risk and develop sharp pricing.

QUICK: Fast access to currency and a frictionless experience, enabled via stablecoin rails or SWIFT, and on-the-ground service capabilities.

SECURE: Guaranteed confidence from regulated, compliant technology, and global credibility that allow access to secure funds at all times.

ACCESS: Consistent, reliable access to currencies and liquidity, enabled through our local presence, global partnership network, and banking experience.

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About Seed Group

For over 20 years, Seed Group has formed strategic alliances with leading global companies representing diverse regions and industries. These companies have propelled their business interests and goals in the Middle East and North Africa region through the support and strong base of regional connections of the Seed Group. The Group’s goal is to create mutually beneficial partnerships with multinational organisations and to accelerate their sustainable market entry and presence within the MENA region. Seed Group has been a key point in the success of all its partners in the region, helping them reach their target customers and accelerate their businesses. The Private Office was established by Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum to directly invest in or assist potential business opportunities in the region, which meet The Private Office’s criteria. For more information, visit

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