Seed Group partner BizAway’s solutions making sustainable business travel a reality

Seed Group partner BizAway’s solutions making sustainable business travel a reality

In the wake of the upcoming COP28 to be held in Dubai, we take a look at sustainability and its importance across sectors

In the times when businesses are increasingly becoming aware of their environmental impact, the need for sustainable solutions in every aspect of operations has become paramount. One such area that often goes unnoticed is business travel, a necessity for many companies, yet a significant contributor to carbon emissions. Recognising this challenge, BizAway, a strategic partner of Seed Group, a company of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, is working towards providing a comprehensive solution to businesses seeking to align their travel practices with sustainability goals.

The Challenge: Carbon emissions in business travel

As the world gears up for COP 28, scheduled in the UAE from November 30 to December 12, 2023, the focus on sustainable practices has never been more crucial. The increasing carbon emissions and environmental challenges like climate change and global warming are all presenting a dilemma for companies seeking to balance the convenience of air travel with the urgent need to address their environmental impact. Balancing profits with sustainability is a challenge in and of itself. So, how should businesses deal with it?

BizAway’s role in sustainable business travel

Enter BizAway, a trailblazing business travel management company committed to simplifying travel while addressing its environmental consequences. With a user-friendly platform offering total control over business trips, BizAway facilitates a seamless experience with a range of features designed for efficiency. The platform boasts an extensive network of 960k facilities, global availability, and partnerships with over 900 airlines, 20+ carriers, and 20+ rental agencies, ensuring a one-stop solution for businesses seeking to manage their travel programme effectively.

It is notable that BizAway’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond convenience and efficiency. As the first B Corp-certified company dedicated to business travel, BizAway has taken proactive steps to align its services with the global climate agenda, as discussed in COP 28. Recognising the significance of the aviation industry in climate change, BizAway CEO Luca Carlucci has time and again emphasised the importance of parallel action by businesses to reduce the impact of their travel.

BizAway’s alignment with COP 28 initiatives

As the world leaders converge at COP 28 to discuss actionable strategies against climate change, BizAway stands as a proactive player in the business travel industry. The company’s collaborations, reflected in its CO2 offset system, exemplify a genuine commitment to global reforestation efforts. By providing a tool that not only calculates but also offsets the carbon footprint of corporate travel, BizAway contributes to the broader goal of a sustainable and responsible future.

In a landscape where sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity, BizAway emerges as a strategic partner for businesses navigating the delicate balance between operational needs and environmental responsibility. As we look towards COP 28, BizAway’s role in sustainable business travel takes centre stage, embodying the principles of a responsible and forward-thinking travel management solution.

About BizAway

BizAway was born in January 2015 with the goal of simplifying the management of business travel for companies. Its founders, Luca Carlucci (CEO) and Flavio Del Bianco (CTO), combined their passions for travel and technology to create proprietary software capable of offering an agile and flexible service.

Thanks to its digital platform, BizAway offers customised solutions to streamline business travel management, improve productivity, and lower costs for companies. The company has offices in Italy (Spilimbergo and Milan), in Spain (Barcelona and Vigo) Albania (Shkodër) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Since its inception, BizAway has achieved considerable success, with a team of over 160 employees, over 500,000 bookings and more than 10 million euros in savings for the over 800 companies it works with (including BDO, Menarini, Telepass, Chiliz, Scalapay and the European Judo Union). For more information, visit

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