On a UAE mission: Synerise for progress in AI and Digital Transformation

On a UAE mission: Synerise for progress in AI and Digital Transformation

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been leading the way in technological advancement and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a range of businesses. Figures such as the country’s Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, and initiatives like the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, emphasise the government’s commitment to shaping a future driven by technology.

Amongst the many companies that join this digital transformation journey is our partner Synerise, a company specialising in AI-driven customer engagement platforms. It offers powerful insights and predictions that have proven to be invaluable to businesses. Predictions from Synerise not only enable companies to step up their customer engagement strategies but also provide them with the potential to generate long-term growth. 

From churn detection to personalised recommendations based on customers’ actual needs and desires, Synerise’s predictive analytics can be used to determine the future of a business. Streamlined integrations with vast ecosystems such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure allow for the seamless transfer of collected data into Amazon services, whilst on-prem deployment and hybrid options ensure flexible scalability and ease of use. Using this integration, companies can accurately predict the timing of repeat purchases, find out which customers are more likely to return items, and spot those customers who are more likely to churn and require special promotions.   

Synerise can also be used to develop propensity models, search for lookalike customers, and generate custom predictions such as the number of purchased items within a specific date range. One example of how Synerise can provide insights into customer behaviour is the case of Zabka, a convenience store chain in Poland. With Synerise, they were able to implement a digital wallet with flexible loyalty programmes, a headless experience API for mobile apps, authorization as a service, marketing automation, and customer intelligence. AI predictions and recommendations allowed for customer segmentation and forecasting the amount of money certain customers were likely to spend. 

Zabka and Synerise named winners of the Data Economy Innovators Awards Competition 2023 in the category of #BestCooperation

On November 8th, Synerise will be one of our speakers in our online discussion ‘AI and Digital Transformation in the UAE: Driving Business Innovation,’ where they will educate how AI-driven predictions are transforming the modern business model and the ways in which companies can leverage analytics to maximise profitability. With insights, ideas, and ample opportunities for networking, this could be the perfect opportunity for businesses to increase their competitive edge and take their customer experience to the next level.

For more information on the event, including registration, click on the image below.

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