A new era in industrial operations: How Samotics is leading the way

A new era in industrial operations: How Samotics is leading the way

In the complex web of global industries, unplanned downtime is a relentless adversary, sapping productivity, incurring costs, and causing frustration. This challenge transcends borders and sectors, impacting industrial companies on multiple levels. But amidst this global issue, a Netherlands-based company and a strategic partner of Seed Group, Samotics, has emerged as a beacon of hope, leveraging artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology to tackle the problem head-on. Here’s how.

Unplanned downtime not only disrupts operations but also has severe financial implications. According to a report by Vanson Bourne, unplanned downtime costs industrial companies an average of $260,000 per hour. For global industrial giants, this can amount to millions of dollars daily. It’s a staggering figure that highlights the urgency of finding a solution.

Enter Samotics, a trailblazer in the quest to eliminate unplanned downtime. Established in 2015, Samotics embarked on a mission to leverage AI and machine data to detect and prevent equipment failures before they could wreak havoc. Their journey, however, was not without hurdles.

The first challenge Samotics faced along the way was the quality of the data. This was followed by a path towards sensors, then voltage probes, and then the advent of SAM4 (smart asset monitoring, take 4). SAM4’s comprehensive approach not only eliminated false positives but also provided a rich data stream encompassing the entire machinery drive train. With this breakthrough, Samotics revolutionised the landscape of industrial asset monitoring.

The Samotics SAM4 installed in the motor control cabinet (MCC). | Source: Samotics

In the Middle East, where industries play a pivotal role in the economy, Samotics has set its sights on becoming the premier service provider in the fight against unplanned downtime and energy waste. Their innovative approach is poised to reshape the region’s industrial landscape, allowing businesses to operate with unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

As Samotics continues to lead the charge in combating unplanned downtime globally, their journey underscores the power of technology and innovation in addressing complex, cross-border challenges. By harnessing the potential of AI and smart monitoring, they are not just preventing breakdowns; they are rewriting the future of industrial operations.

Samotics dashboard overview | Source: Samotics

About Samotics

Samotics is a leading provider of real-time actionable insights to optimize performance and energy efficiency of AC motors and rotating equipment. An expert team of data scientists, software developers and technical specialists has developed an AI-driven platform that supports global industrial companies in reducing energy waste and unplanned downtime. Our customer base includes sector-leading players such as Anglian Water, ArcelorMittal, Nobian, Evonik and TotalEnergies. For more information, visit www.samotics.com.

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