For greater societal good: Understanding Societies Empowered section of The Global 50 Report

For greater societal good: Understanding Societies Empowered section of The Global 50 Report

Dubai has earned its place as one of the most vibrant cities in the world, and rightfully so. Known for a list of superlatives, luxurious lifestyle, and impressive architecture, there is much more to the foundations of the city that have led it to becoming an exemplary space synonymous to growth and prosperity.

The foundations on which the city stands are of a deeper commitment to empowering societies through government and leadership-led initiatives. Dubai is a great example of how a city can convert itself into a light of hope and development for its residents and the rest of the globe by making investments in gender equality, small businesses, and healthcare, among other things.

So, when The Global 50 Report released by Dubai Future Foundations talks about its section of Societies Empowered a lot goes back to learnings that the world can pick from the journey of Dubai.

The Global 50 Report shares the foundation’s view of the future and 50 opportunities for future growth, prosperity, and well-being. Its segment titled Societies Empowered speaks to empowerment of society as an essential aspect for a happy world.

It explains the purpose as, “Empower societies by offering solutions to humanity’s most complex and universal needs, optimising systems they rely on, safeguarding risks that could make societies more fragile in the face of crises and extending individual and collective potential for growth and development.”

The section identifies decentralising autonomous organisations (DAOs) as a force for positive change, further stating, “Advanced connectivity and digital realities enable globally minded individuals and communities around the world to collaborate and exchange knowledge, data and services and become partners in DAOs focused on specific global social issues or challenges.”

It further emphasises on why the digital communities with a worldwide presence have the resources and access to data and information needed to make a concentrated effort to tackle global issues. The creation of DAOs, it states, is made possible by “the use of superior computer power to automate organisational functions and governance structures.”

It explains, “With these benefits, motivated groups of like-minded people will be able to take and support action while using their combined knowledge, abilities, and resources. Using the tools provided by DAOs566, communities will be able to evaluate their strategies and intended results, increase their efficacy through community-led planning, and locate and interact with decision-makers and actors of influence.”

The part also emphasises how crucial it is for everyone to work together internationally so that choices may be made on a far broader scale than they are currently with the greater good as the overall aim. Particularly considering the numerous socioeconomic issues that affect communities globally and across boundaries, such as poverty, water scarcity, disease outbreaks, climate change, and food shortages.

The Report further touches upon important topics like calling out herd mentality, designing social policies and monitoring at a community level and in real time, and standardising paid social national service. Overall, this makes for one of the most critical sections in The Global 50 Report, one that nations and decision-makers around the world need to ponder upon.

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