Global technology innovations that will shape the future in the Middle East

Global technology innovations that will shape the future in the Middle East

Technology evolves every hour. There are new innovations dotting the tech landscape with every passing day, and the power of technology is reinventing businesses at the speed of light. Such is the impact that industries and their operations look totally different within just a period of few years.

Over the past decade, a phrase that has governed the corporate landscape has been “preparing for the future.” While it became a primary goal for organizations all over the world, the use of technologies such as data analytics and artificial intelligence to make decisions and define strategies to anticipate the future became more common.

Today, there are an increasing number of corporate players and big technology and non-technology companies that are leveraging the principles of edge computing, a tech advancement defined as “a decentralized form of computation and data storage that speeds up processing by moving intelligence closer to the point of use”, by Accenture.

The publication titled “Signals of Change: Business Futures 2021” explains the recent rush to becoming and enhancing digital and online services in the following way: “As virtual environments enhance our physical worlds and redefine our sense of place, organizations are creating new ways for people to work, consume, and socialize.”

Amid all this, what are the technologies that are here to stay and will contribute to defining the future in the coming years? Experts say it is bound to be a mix of existing technologies, improvements to them, and the discovery of more and better ways of moving the world into a more sustainable future.

Some of the top trends that need to be watched include: machine vision, language processing, speech and gesture recognition, pattern recognition, real-time artificial intelligence (AI), embedded AI, embedded machine learning, and more. Add to that the concepts of the datafication of the world via the latest innovation of the Internet of Behaviors (IoB) and quantum computing, and you get an idea of the speed and magnitude of the technological advancements we are discussing.

In this context, the global pace will be reflected in the Middle East region as well. With more and more leaders making technology a cornerstone of their economies, the Middle East is well on track and at par with global technology trends that are shaping the world we live in. Increasing 5G adoption, acceptance of cryptocurrencies, developments in sustainability, and autonomous vehicles are all signs of where the region stands in terms of global technologies.

How these technologies benefit the common people, how they improve the quality of life, and how they ensure the Middle East becomes a happier, more fulfilling place to live, work, and grow will be an interesting journey to map.

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