10 technologies that are currently shaping the business world

10 technologies that are currently shaping the business world

“Shape the technology to help your business, otherwise, it will shape your business to follow it.”

Technology has been shaping and reshaping businesses for decades now. However, with the pace of innovation, every day brings about a new invention that aids businesses in one way or the other. Keeping track of the constantly changing technological landscape can be overwhelming. Just when you think you’ve got it all, a new tool for better bookkeeping, effective marketing, sorted procurement, or an efficient workforce emerges.

Being up to date on the latest developments is perhaps the first step toward analyzing and implementing such technologies to help your business succeed in a highly competitive and ever-changing world. So, why wait—let us dig deeper into what is making the business world run in current times.

1. Big Data and AI

If you’re not already implementing a part of this technological innovation, you’re probably behind in the race before you even start. Businesses all over the world are using big data and artificial intelligence to make informed decisions and track their success trajectories. From hiring to delivering products—these two top the chart when it comes to technologies that are driving the business landscape regardless of geographic or economic barriers.

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another important tool for businesses dealing with large amounts of data. However, it does more than that. With the use of cloud computing, business functions are relocated to third-party servers accessible over the internet. Adopting cloud computing prowess leads to increased innovation, scale, and new market capabilities.

3. The Metaverse

We’ve talked about it in our blog earlier. There is no denying the fact that though still an emerging one, this is a technology every brand would want to be a part of, sooner or later. Taking business to the virtual world and learnings the regulations of this new universe will soon become an important thing for all businesses to follow. 

4. Bitcoins and cryptocurrency

Another technology that has taken the business world by storm is cryptocurrency. Despite apprehensions about the usage and legitimacy of this technology, there is no way it can be overlooked. Globally, businesses are already weighing the possibility of crypto becoming the preferred mode of buying and selling in the coming years. Learn more about this technology and its future in the UAE in our blog here. 

5. Robotics

Robotics is promising. There is no second thought about it. But it is also shaping the way businesses think about their operations. With the increasing availability of robots and the push from governments (here’s all about the UAE’s stance), it is poised to play a big role in the way corporations function.

6. The Apps

Many businesses in today’s world operate an online application for easier access and to connect with their consumers in more than one way. With a lot of time being spent on smartphones and tablets, it just makes sense to have a presence through as many channels as possible, and having an online application is one of the best options.

7. Online Presence

The traditional brick-and-mortar model of business was tested well during the pandemic when consumers and brands were forced to take their offerings online and create a strong transactional foundation. It would not be an exaggeration to say that having an online presence is no longer a choice, it is a necessity.

8. Collaboration Tools

With remote work becoming a feasible option for the workforce around the world, an increasing number of collaboration tools will define the agility and reliability of businesses in the coming years. From Zoom to Google Drive and all the way to the rising popularity of social media applications, this is a trend that’s here to stay.

9. Mobile-First

Needless to say, mobile phones are the lifelines of today’s business world. Tapping into this section is an absolute necessity. For businesses, it is inevitable. Changing your marketing, promotional, and sales activities accordingly is the only way forward.

10. Social Media

Now, if you thought that was old news, you are wrong. Social media is more about business than social and personal. A presence and leveraging these effective tools to the best of your ability and knowledge can be the deciding factors for your business success and growth. 

So, how many boxes has your company already checked? What gaps must be filled, and which parts do you already master? Share with us! We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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