When HR meets AI: The perfect pairing made possible by X0PA AI

When HR meets AI: The perfect pairing made possible by X0PA AI

Hiring is a complex process. Far more than just a department scouting for the right talent and helping fill vacancies, Human Resources (HR) is perhaps one of the least understood but most used skills a company can have. For years now, the department has taken shape, changing with the constantly changing needs and the rapidly changing technology that our world is dotted with.

Addressing a problem 

The current epoch is, without a doubt, the most difficult in history. With technologies changing at a lightning speed and the old ones being rendered useless, there is a need for a sustainable, powerful, effective, and adaptable platform that makes the process of hiring and other related human resources chores efficient. It was out of this need that XoPA AI was founded by Nina Alag Suri and Dr. Jussi Keppo in 2017.

Addressing the inefficiencies and subjectivities of traditional hiring processes, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) SaaS-based platform was created. The aim was to transform the traditional way of hiring and bring together enterprises, institutes of higher learning, and governments, as well as job seekers and students, on a common platform for easier transactions, transitions, and communication. 

What does the platform offer?

In simple words, the platform is designed to maximise objectivity in hiring and ensure the best match between an employee and an employer. 

Hiring teams across the world deal with one major loophole – hiring both too much and too accurately. It is a time-consuming, money-consuming, and energy-consuming process of sifting through piles of resumes, matching skills with expectations, and identifying candidates who not only meet current needs but are also a good fit for future opportunities for growth and learning.

There is always an element of human error or bias that has plagued the hiring processes for many years now. This is the pain point that X0PA AI platforms and services target.

Overall, X0PA AI is AI SaaS platform that seeks to reduce hiring time and costs while retaining objectivity. Based on X0PA’s patented methods, the technology sources, scores, and ranks talent, in that order, to find the best-fit applicant for each firm and job.

X0PA ROOM AI-Enabled Video Interviewing platform - Intel® Solutions Marketplace | Source: https://marketplace.intel.com/

What’s more: Going beyond

X0PA can anticipate applicant retention and performance, allowing businesses to make the best recruiting decisions possible. To expand the recruiting process, X0PA integrates sophisticated algorithms, predictive analytics, natural language processing, and robotic process automation (RPA).

X0PA’s technology, through smart in-built automation, enhances the traditional hiring processes as we know them. The technology is fully customisable, making it possible to drill down into the specifics of hiring, from diversity hiring to hiring the best cultural fit. 

With a strategic partnership with The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum and Seed Group in the UAE, as well as in the UK, India, and its home country of Singapore, X0PA AI offers more than 35 powerful features on its recruitment platform.

It combines algorithms, analytics, language processing, and robotic process automation to scale the recruiting process. The platform is applicable to users in a variety of industries and regions, ranging from large corporations looking to hire the best talent to institutes of higher learning looking for internship placements or scholarship hiring.

X0PA AI makes possible the perfect pairing of HR and AI, paving the way for the future of hiring.

Get in touch with X0PA Ai here or visit their official website at https://x0pa.com/.

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