AI and start-ups: How the two harmonise and what impact they have on the future

AI and start-ups: How the two harmonise and what impact they have on the future

The upcoming World AI Show in Dubai will shine a spotlight on how AI contributes to the business growth and how it will ultimately enhance the quality of life.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and are aware of all the debate about its implications and wise application around the world, regardless of the industry of your profession or the sector(s) in which you operate.In the past few years, this debate has further gained ground as more and more governments and authorities around the world have acknowledged the power and potential of AI and have set out to chart a path to integrate it across sectors.

One of the most aggressively explored areas is the use, adoption, inclusion, and future of AI in the context of the fast-booming start-up ecosystem around the world. In particular, the start-ups that are working in AI have seen massive growth in their business in the past few years. As per figures by Statista, in 2020, AI start-ups attracted around USD 36 billion in investment. In the first six months of 2021, this figure reached USD 38 billion. Also, the market research firm IDC has projected that the global AI market will reach a size of over half a trillion dollars by 2024.

The figures are a clear indication that AI is not only strengthening the start-up ecosystem but is shaping it too. Beyond just the start-ups that cater to AI, the technology is helping entrepreneurial companies across a range of sectors to scale new business heights. From high-precision medicine to renewable energy, and education to healthcare, AI has the power to help start-ups build trust with their customers, stay agile and adaptive, gauge the fast-changing market trends by working with data and making predictions, stay ahead of the competition, and have an edge over traditional companies.

The debate is deep and mature, and it is through meetings, discussions, and brainstorming with the industry players, upcoming ventures, and governments that will yield the most impactful results and help the world understand this technology from a better standpoint.

Offering a platform to do just that, the next edition of the World AI Show is being organised in Dubai under the patronage of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum on May 25th and 26th, 2022. The show will shine a spotlight on how AI contributes to business growth and how that will enhance the quality of life while also providing an opportunity for various stakeholders to connect and exchange thoughts, ideas, and experiences. The event offers a peek into the world of AI in the UAE and across the globe. Aligned with the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy and AI Strategy 2031, it seeks to explore the future prospects of innovations in the AI landscape.

For information about the show and the awards, and to participate in or attend the show, please visit the website at:

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