What do the UAE’s new exemplary visa decisions mean for the country?

What do the UAE’s new exemplary visa decisions mean for the country?

Earlier this month, when the UAE Cabinet announced changes to its visa and residency systems, it was hailed as one of the biggest overhauls in years. The news instantly triggered speculation and responses on how the changes are bound to attract new talent, retain the existing pool of professionals across industries, and make the UAE a preferred choice for families and businesses around the world.

However, the new system will also have bigger impacts, like a more stable economy, not just for the country but for the entire Middle East region, and the realisation of the UAE’s long-term goals.

To understand the impacts, let’s first have a look at what exactly the changes are.

Per the new system, it will now be easier to visit, live, study, and work in the UAE more than ever before. So, what are the areas where the changes are expected, and who all will benefit?

1. Visiting travellers

The rehauled system will come into effect by September this year and will allow people who enter the UAE as visitors to say they are back in the country for 60 days, a month more than the current period. 

2. Sponsorship of children

The system will also make it possible for parents to sponsor their male child(ren) until 25 years of age, which means the male students can now stay in the UAE and complete their university/college degrees after they complete school. For single female children and children with disabilities, the sponsorship is indefinite.

3. Candidates for Golden Visa

Under the new set of regulations, the Golden Visa system also stands to expand and take more residents under its wing. This means job seekers have better prospects in the country now than ever before. Also, skilled professionals who are earning a salary of AED 30,000 or more per month will now be eligible for a Golden Visa much more easily. Real estate investors, entrepreneurs, exceptional workers—the list of people eligible for a Golden Visa has widened with the new system.

4. Sponsoring elders and family members

The announcement also opens various options and avenues for families looking to sponsor their parents or other elderly relatives. These changes, in particular, are a part of the UAE’s overarching aim to deepen family ties and make society more cohesive. 

The list of benefits is long, and the impact is far-reaching. The game-changing step taken by the UAE cabinet will make it possible for the country to enjoy an economic, social, and entrepreneurial boost in many ways.

Not only are these benefits for those who plan to make the UAE their home or their business address, but they also promise achievement of the country’s broader vision and its continuing goals. We are excited to see a brighter future for the country with these reforms.

Do you, your family, or your business stand to benefit from these system changes? Share your story with us.

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