Lessons learned from the world's biggest show: What did Dubai Expo 2020 teach us?

Lessons learned from the world’s biggest show: What did Dubai Expo 2020 teach us?

And that’s a wrap! Very soon, the world will be saying this about the Dubai Expo 2020. The greatest show in the world is coming to a close in the next few days, and it is a perfect opportunity to look back and reflect on the lessons that this extraordinary event teaches us. The Expo, spanning half a year, showcasing innovations from more than 192 countries and bringing the world together in one location, will remain a marvel in itself even after it concludes.

As we rewind how the past six months positioned the UAE on the world map and sent out a message of resilience and adaptability, here’s a list of some of the most important teachings from Dubai Expo 2020.

1. Anything is possible

The value of resilience is ingrained in the UAE as a country and in everything we do here. The foundational pillars based on the idea of “never giving up” that were laid down by our forefathers have guided us for the organisation of Dubai Expo 2020 as well. It was not an easy task to organise a world-class event when the world was just coming to terms with the pandemic and the associated disruptions.

2. Diversity is beautiful

As home to people from all over the world, the UAE is no stranger to the power of diversity. This was further strengthened by the successful hosting of the Dubai Expo 2020, as it brought together people from across the globe and celebrated cultures, innovations, and history in an unforgettable manner. 

3. Uniqueness makes a difference

A unique global event, the Expo had 191 participating nations, with the first time in World Expo history that the participating countries had their own pavilion. A visit to each country offered a unique blend of architecture, culture, and innovative developments and presented a rare opportunity to learn about the beauty of diversity.

4. Celebrate innovation

Innovation remained an important part of this extravagant show that displayed some of the most cutting-edge technologies of the modern world. From a net-zero rainforest to robots greeting the visitors, it was a collection of some of the most interesting innovations that we know of.

5. Think of sustainability

One of the many underlying messages that Dubai Expo 2020 sends out and even practices, is the need to think of sustainability. Renewing commitment to the environment and protecting the planet for future generations, the Expo did an excellent job of promoting natural solutions. On a national, regional, and global scale, it also contributed to the UAE Vision 2021 by creating a positive environmental impact.

6. Don’t forget your roots

A reminder of never forgetting where you belong and how important history is in creating a brighter future, the Dubai Expo 2020 had elements to facilitate this. Learning interesting facts about the World Expo from renowned Expo historian Charles Pappa was one such effort.

7. Architecture can be fascinating

The entire venue of Dubai Expo 2020 has been full of architectural marvels. From the exciting shapes of various pavilions to the iconic Al Wasl Dome, the architecture that came alive during the Expo will remain a point of attraction long after the event concludes.

8. The power of togetherness

The Expo in itself is the epitome of togetherness and how it can be leveraged to create a better world without the need to compete. In the past six months, countries from the far east and west corners of the world have been able to bring to the land of Dubai their best in art, culture, science, and technology and have attracted global attention, making it a lesson in camaraderie. 

What have been your observations in the past six months of the world’s greatest show? Got something to add to the list? Share it with us; we’d love to hear you out.

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