Promoting continuous learning in workplace: Here’s why you should encourage your team to hone existing skills and learn new ones

Learning is the essence of life. It is what life is meant to be – a constant urge to be better versions of ourselves… to push the limits and bring out the best that we can be. Learning is essential at all stages of our lives but it is best when it is continuous.

Stagnation in learning is indicative of ‘no learning’ at all. Things that you acquire through learning need to be brushed up and added to from time to time else they become redundant. This holds true in today’s world that is changing with every minute as new technology arrives and things become outdated every other second.

The world today is rightly called the VUCA world — a world that is defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, one that describes the situation of constant, unpredictable change and demands that you avoid traditional, outdated approaches and process in everything from management to operations and this directly translates to learning more and that too continuously.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, planning to be one in near future, a CEO of a company or a team lead heading a department at a global MNC, you probably already know how effective learning can be in terms of tangible results for the business. One of the most important benefits of continuous learning is the ability to adapt and deal with drastic changes. Though the list is endless, here are a few reasons why you should encourage your team or your employees to hone their existing skills and to learn new ones.

1. To stay relevant to changing times: This is probably the most powerful result of continuous learning. With learning comes empowerment and preparedness that make sure your team is ready to face the unprecedented and hence remains relevant no matter how drastically time changes. The pandemic was an important example in this context.

2. Be the change: Lifelong learning is not just for your team, but for you as well. If you start a new course, start learning a new language, or enrol in a new hobby class, you set an example for your team that there is no bar on learning and that it can be done at any stage of life. This fosters an environment of encouragement and energy that will then reflect in the overall performance of your company.

3. To be prepared: We live in a world where things change fast and sometimes overnight. Nothing helps you brave tectonic shifts in industries than continuous learning – it loads you with necessary skills and knowledge to sail through in confidence while others struggle to stay afloat.

4. To build confidence: With learning comes great confidence and with great confidence, great companies are built. Learning is the secret ingredient that has helped bring back many organisations from the verge of bankruptcy to profit-making margins. If you learn, you know you can compete and this confidence leads to miracles in business, history has proved that more than once.

5. To change perspectives and innovate: Learning opens your horizons to new avenues – avenues that can lead to new ideas and hence new revenue streams for your business. Learning has the power to change perspectives and help you innovate with teams that can think out of the box and bring about a much needed fresh approach.

We are all aware of the power of a curious mind. Learning is the fodder of a curious mind and people who are keen learners make the best teams. So, encourage learning in your team – it is the best way to innovate and keep your company in the best of spirits!

Are you a lifelong learner? Share your techniques with us…

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