The unsung heroes of secure hybrid workforce: Did you thank your IT team today?

Hybrid, unprecedented, challenging, remote, online, virtual – these words have been the reality of the business world for over a year now and will continue to define the corporate ecosystem for the time to come. Of all, ‘hybrid workforce’ will remain a term that most of the work-cultures will identify with.

Now, there are benefits in scalability, flexibility, and accessibility that this kind of workforce provides, but there is a lot that it demands. Technological proficiency is needed at a much higher level and hence the department of information and technology (IT) needs to be functioning at its optimal best if an organisation is looking at a hybrid workforce. 

It was evident, right at the onset of the pandemic, that the companies with the best competence in this particular department were the ones that survived 2020 in a much better way than companies that had poor vision and infrastructure in IT.

There is a lot that goes behind the scenes of a perfectly functioning office, the immaculate client meetings, the undisrupted multi-million dollar deals, and the effective management appraisals. The right ingredient of a secure and best functioning hybrid workforce is nothing but the right IT framework and the right IT team.

Ensuring data protection, network security, personal and professional connection safety, and other aspects of daily work, technical teams across the world have probably worked harder than most other departments, as they were responsible to set up the remote networks and shift entire offices to virtual platforms, almost overnight.

Securing, implementing, and distributing technology and networking solutions that offer real-time monitoring and anomaly detection, as the teams scattered from cities to continents and started working across all possible time zones was a task easier said than done, you would agree.

So, today, let us take a moment to express our gratitude and say a ‘Thank You’ to these unsung heroes, your colleagues and teammates in the department of IT, who made it all happen – who made it possible for us to carry our office to our homes and make our ‘living rooms’ our ‘broad rooms’. They deserve attention and gratitude just as anyone else.

We must not forget that the hybrid or everywhere workforce is only a reality because of our IT teams – they are the link between us and the virtual world.

Have you thanked your IT team today? 

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