Why is Hope Probe a source of inspiration for the whole world?

Op-ed by Hisham Al Gurg, CEO, Seed Group and the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum


Every time I drive through the Sheikh Zayed Road, I cannot help but feel proud to be a citizen of this exemplary country. The heights of Burj Khalifa, the vastness of the Dubai Mall, the awe-inspiring beauty of the Palm island – all these are not mere signs of development, they are indicative of realised dreams. They are the embodiment of all the dreams that the founding father Sheikh Zayed had for our country. They are a testament to the fact that big dreams come true and that with the right vision, anything is possible.

We have seen many milestones since its inception 50 years ago. As the country rose from the sandy shores to the glimmering heights, a lot of small and big achievements have come our way. But today we are standing on the brink of creating history. The UAE Mars Mission, or Hope Probe as you know it through media headlines, is about to enter the Martian orbit, all set to make a major contribution to the world’s astronomy community and to humanity as a whole.

The historic mission adds another reason for everyone living in the UAE and the Arab world to think big and dream big. The contribution of this project to humanity is far more than just astronomical or scientific. It is a great boost for countries, organisations, and individuals who dare to dream and believe that they can make things possible despite all the challenges that have been thrown in the way of success.

As Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum says, “The word impossible is not in the dictionaries of the leaders. No matter how great the challenges, strong faith, determination and resolve will overcome them.”

It is this faith which, since it was formed, has trickled down to everyone in the UAE. It is nothing less than a miracle that one of the only five countries in the world to have entered MARS today is a country only 50 years old. The achievement is unbelievable!

Just as the process of this project has not been a one-man show, the success of it will also be shared. The mission is an example not only of good leadership, praiseworthy scientific equipment know-how and exceptional expertise, but also a lesson in empowerment for young people and women.

Overall, the mission reflects the UAE’s broader ambition to drive innovation in science and technology and further diversify the economy by empowering young people and women in STEM.

As the whole world looks at this glorious achievement, this feat is a moment for everyone in the UAE and the world to feel proud!

Just like its name, the mission infuses a new energy of HOPE in everyone.

Watch live coverage of the hope probe reaching Mars here.

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