Work Independently

Opting for working solo: Although working independently isn't for everyone, it definitely is an option on the table. As a business you have the option of working solo but it has its own set of pros and cons you would want to explore before jumping into it.

The Advantages

Advantage 1: You are the boss, you call the shots.

Advantage 2: You have your say in all you do.

Advantage 3: You define your boundaries and push them too.

Advantage 4: Your profits are all yours.

The Disadvantages

Disadvantage 1: You have no shared knowledge from industry veterans.

Disadvantage 2: Decision-making is a one-sided affair, which could possible backfire.

Disadvantage 3: In testing times, there is nobody to share the burden.

Disadvantage 4: Entering new markets and exploring new products could be an arduous task.

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