HR Manager

  • Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Contract: Full-time
  • Department: International Operations – EMEAA (Country/Regional Assignment)
  • Rank: Manager
  • Immediate Supervisor: General Manager
  • Reference No: SGJD20220406
  • Date Of Publication : 2022/04/06

As a key member of the Country Management Team, the Country HR Manager partners with the Country Head in driving the strategic direction related to human resources and people development in alignment with the achievement of business goals. Ensures the accurate and timely delivery of HR services for the members of the country or area organization and achieves organizational effectiveness by having a complete manning requirement and mix, building employee competence, and optimizing employee engagement through the conceptualization and implementation of the different strategic HR plans and programs. Nature of work includes client consultation, research, presentation and coordination with the other support units, including direct working relationships with CHR IO-EMEAA.

Key Result Area 1: Workforce Staffing


  1. Ensures timely completion of manpower requirements both for operations and main office or support units through direct recruitment or partnership with accredited manpower contract agencies.
  2. Initiates the creation or development of concrete and innovative sourcing strategies for hiring local and Filipino expatriates to fill up manpower vacancies and implements the same.
  3. Spearheads and convenes management on a regular basis for talent succession planning and performance validation in order to ensure a sustainable and viable country talent bank.

Key Result Area 2: Strategic Human Resource Management


  1. Develops effective working relationships with accounts and conducts regular consultations to effectively evaluate the HR requirements of the unit.
  2. Conducts cost-benefit analysis of HR initiatives and programs and evaluates them based on priorities and directions from HR and the accounts.
  3. Conducts review or development of HR policies based on observations, trends, and directions; translates these policies into operating guidelines and consults with the country head to ensure alignment with overall business directions.
  4. Identifies gaps in existing HR policies; formulates HR policies in relation to business directions to address them; consults with other business units as needed; and develops a communication plan relevant to the target audience.

Key Result Area 3: Talent Development


  1. Facilitates talent review with the country management team through deployment of assessment tools (JCA, profiling tools), assessment and alignment, and then prepares the 9-Box grid for the country or market. Partners with CR IO EMEAA for tools and system or process alignment.
  2. Conducts orientation of Learning and Development (L&D) Plan preparation and assists leaders in monitoring the completion of the agreed L&D plans.
  3. Ensures proper talent evaluation in relation to movements (transfers/promotions) based on function design and organizational needs.

Key Result Area 4: Compensation & Benefits


  1. Contributes to the design and review of the compensation and benefits strategy in collaboration with the country management team and in coordination with CHR IO-EMEAA, as well as its implementation in the business unit, incorporating business directions, applicable laws, research and benchmarks, and the organization’s compensation and benefits principles.
  2. Ensures compensation and benefits are equally implemented across levels. Any C&B-related concerns or discrepancies are reviewed and recommendations are made.
  3. Reviews relevance, up-to-date, and effectiveness of existing C&B programs and gives recommendations for review as needed.
  4. Ensures alignment of all compensation systems with general conditions in the labor market as well as legal regulations.

Key Result Area 5: Employee Engagement & Labor Relations


  1. Conducts employee dialogues or group sessions in order to evaluate engagement at the division level and analyzes information derived in order to come up with responsive interventions to address gaps or sustain engagement levels.
  2. Line managers are guided in the implementation of country- or market-specific programs to fill gaps or maintain engagement levels.
  3. Conceptualizes and implements employee engagement programs that are relevant and consistent with the principles and directions of the organization; drives support and participation from accounts for employee programs.
  4. Guides Line Managers in implementing the employee disciplinary process, which includes case investigation, facilitation of administrative hearings, and providing expert advice on case evaluation and decisions.
  5. Ensures that the basic labor standards are complied with based on local ordinances, regulations, or laws.

Key Result Area 6: Organizational Development


  1. Conducts periodic review of organization structure or job design based on researched trends, results of employee dialogues, and understanding of the unit’s function. Recommends solutions or options to the Market Head’s Operations based on findings.
  2. Facilitates (a) alignment and calibration of performance goals and targets across the division and (b) validation, calibration, and management of performance results against the overall curve in order to assist in proper performance management.
  3. Facilitates strategic planning sessions with Division Heads and his or her leadership team to ensure that objectives and strategies are aligned with the overall business goals.
  4. Facilitates job competency development exercises, job reviews, and job description development—capturing the evolving requirements of the job and ensuring alignment of roles to business directions.


performs other job or expertise-related assignments in order to develop one’s self and/or share one’s expertise, resulting in support for operational efficiency.

Job Specifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in human resource management or business related courses, with above average academic performance
  2. At least 10 years work experience, with 4 years generalist experience in human resource management, and 5 years work experience in Dubai
  3. Essential skills:
    • Oral and written communication skills
    • Arithmetic aptitude
    • Computer literacy
    • Coordination skills
    • Organization skills
    • Detail-oriented
    • Interviewing skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Assessor skills
    • Systems thinking
    • Analysis and reasoning
    • Interpersonal relations skills
  4. Essential traits:
    • Learning agility
    • Personal mastery
    • Resilience
    • Customer focus
    • Excellence
    • Respect for the individual
    • Teamwork
    • Spirit of family and fun
    • Honesty and integrity
    • Frugality

Job factors

Work environment

  • The position requires fieldwork (store visits and ocular inspections).

Managerial/technical leadership

  • Capable of commanding respect while remaining humble enough to listen to and learn from his subordinates

Scope of impact

  • Assigned Regional Business Unit, Human Resources

Level of function-specific knowledge

  • Has experience in all facets of human resources and knowledge of a managerial position


  • Advises on how to innovate within one’s own processes

External contacts

  • CHR IO-EMEAA, Market Head, HR-Related Suppliers, recruitment / placement agencies, IO EMEAA Support Group, relevant local or country labor agencies, training providers

Internal contacts

  • Operations Head, Main Office Group, Operations Group

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