Finance Manager

  • Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Contract: Full-time
  • Department: International Operations – EMEAA (Country/Regional Assignment)
  • Immediate Supervisor: General Manager
  • Direct Reports: Finance Officer / Finance Specialist / Assistant
  • Reference No: SGJD20220408
  • Date Of Publication : 2022/04/08

As a key member of the Country Management Team, the Finance Manager partners with the Operations Heads to drive the business’s strategic directions; provides financial advisory services; ensures that effective business controls and planning processes are in place; measures the business’s performance; creates and maintains a financial information database; and raises the level of financial awareness in the country or organization.

Key Result Area 1: Controllership


  • Review the management reports to ensure their accuracy and timely submission to the country’s and Philippine management
  • Examine the Balance Sheet and Nominal Account analysis to ensure the timely disposition of reconciling items or errors
  • Comply with the country’s International Accounting Standards (IAS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Timely review and approval of payments to suppliers and employees. Ensure that all payments are valid and accurate. Additionally, ensure that assets and inventories purchased are recorded in the books on time and that accountabilities are clearly defined.
  • Recommend the disposal of defective and obsolete assets and inventories; ensure that proper controls are followed throughout the process.
  • Establish asset and inventory existence by supervising regular physical counts; ensure that balances reflected in the books correspond to the physical count.
  • Prepare the company payroll for all local employees on time and accurately, and ensure that all tax, social, and health insurances mandated by law are complied with and remitted on time
  • Manage the Accounting team effectively to ensure output accuracy and compliance with standards and controls as they perform their respective roles
  • Provide direction to employees in the Store, Main Office, and Commissary to ensure that they understand and follow company policies, systems, and procedures
  • Prepare, update, complete, and submit all required records, schedules, analyses, and ledgers for external auditors’ year-end audit

Financial Policy Compliance

  • Maintain a regular financial audit of all stores and support units, as well as key employees who handle company funds and assets
  • On-time and accurate payment or remittances to joint venture or franchise partners. Ensure that variances and discrepancies are identified and addressed as soon as possible.
  • Ensure the smooth implementation of all store marketing-related expenses, including control guidelines and gift check accounting: monitoring, balancing, and report preparation after the activity

Financial Policy Development

  • Examine and recommend enhancements/improvements to internal financial policies and procedures, including cash control procedures at the store level and support group financial policies
  • Create internal financial policies for the organization to manage risk and optimize financial controls

Budget Management

  • Check, review, approve, and sign all reimbursement, cash advance, CAPEX acquisition, and other operations or support group requests that have been approved by the Operations Head/Market Head
  • Monitor and analyze monthly budget spending (e.g., rental, logistics, CAPEX, OPEX, supplier costs, third party, etc.) to ensure that all expenses are within the budgeted amount
  • Analyze the company’s operational costs, pricing, variable contributions, sales results, and actual performance in comparison to the business plans
  • Conduct cost-cutting reviews and evaluations for operations and support units

Key Result Area 2: Financial Advisory Services

  • Interpret business financial reports and provide insights to help with strategic decision-making
  • Monitor and interpret cash flows, forecast future trends, and recommend dividend payouts and payments of outstanding payables, if any
  • Evaluate the financial viability of the store and make a sound or appropriate business decision for management
  • Participate in ad hoc functional teams comprised of operations and the support group
  • Implement the most efficient tax payment application and ensure that all tax payments are valid, accurate, and timely

Key Result Area 3: Business Planning

  • Participate in strategic decision-making meetings, such as setting long-term goals, developing organizational and financial strategies, and making decisions about programs that affect the organization
  • Lead the development of the SBU’s annual operating and capital budgets, which include sales, profit and loss, and store expansion/closure plans. In addition, each support unit or department’s budget must be reviewed and finalized.
  • Check budget guidelines and reports and distribute to the appropriate store or department, including any budget adjustments or changes

Key Result Area 4: Financial Information Management

  • Every month, monitor and analyze the country’s/sales market’s and profit performance, as well as project business outlook, and present to the Country Head for comments/approval.
  • Examine all business reports from the organization, including but not limited to sales reports, profit and loss statements, administrative expense reports, CAPEX reports, OPEX reports, and so on.
  • Monitor store profitability and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
  • Manage the general ledger and cash management processes
  • Maintain a confidential database containing information such as store/market/country sales, profits, and other expense-related activities or items

Key Result Area 5: People Development

  • Determine talent requirements to ensure adequate manpower and structure are in place to support the country’s or region’s financial needs
  • Champion the unit’s people initiatives, ensuring compliance with talent assessment requirements, succession planning process, and so on.
  • Create and implement a talent development program for the unit
  • Lead employee engagement initiatives and ensure that all employees participate the system
  • Implement the code of conduct and disciplinary procedures as needed


Perform other job or expertise-related tasks in order to develop oneself and/or share one’s expertise, resulting in operational efficiency support.

Job Specifications

  • BS in Business Management, Engineering and/or Accounting
  • At least five (5) years of experience in major industries and/or multinational corporations in Finance, Accounting, Corporate Planning, and/or Audit
  • Knowledgeable in MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook
  • Skills and essential traits
    • Human relations
      • Ability to communicate professionally across all levels of the organization and support group management
      • Possess strong written and oral communication skills
      • Ability to coordinate, manage and direct others.
      • Relationship-building and rapport-building abilities
    • Mental effort
      • Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw conclusions using logical or scientific thinking principles
      • Capable of delivering in a timely and effective manner in an environment of constant change, competing priorities, and demands from various groups
      • Capable of interpreting a wide range of technical instructions and dealing with a number of abstract and concrete variables
      • Ability to compute discount, cost of money, profit and loss; ratio and proportion percentage
      • Ability to perform basic algebra
      • Ability to spot computational errors in all stages of planning and financials
      • Ability to handle pressure during management presentations and reporting periods.

Job Factors

Work conditions

  • Office-based and able to work efficiently despite pressure

Managerial/Technical leadership

  • Able to command respect from his subordinate and influence to aim for excellence

Scope of Impact

  • Country finance

Level of Function-Specific Knowledge

  • Has experience in Finance and/or related fields

External Contacts

  • Operations Director, Corporate Finance, Corporate Audit, Government or Statutory Offices, Third party suppliers and/or providers

Internal Contacts

  • Country Head, Franchise/JV partners, store management team, main office team


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